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About RE Bourke
RE Bourke
Technical Excellence, Life Changing Prosthodontics

RE Bourke opened in 2004 as a small, high-end removable prosthodontics laboratory. Everyone in the lab is dedicated to producing prosthetics to a technical and aesthetic standard often only associated with specialist ceramics. The lab is located in Redmond, Washington and specializes in complete denture aesthetics, milled implant bars, metal frameworks, partial denture design, and custom gingival shade matching.

Every stage of the process, from custom trays to final delivery, is done with care and accuracy, taking time to pay attention to both the doctor's communication and the patient's concerns. After the teeth are positioned correctly, the gums are anatomically carved to create the foundation for a natural-looking denture. During the finish process Enigma Color Tone acrylic (part of the Enigma System) is added to the flask to create natural gingival colors. Custom gum shade tabs, unique to RE Bourke, can be provided on request during the aesthetic try-in process to further assist the doctor in matching the Color Tones to the patient's own gingiva.

The lab employs one assistant technician and Ruth personally exercises control over every case. Ruth waxes and finishes all of the acrylic work produced in the lab. The bars and frameworks for complete dentures are created in milled titanium however gold can be used if needed.

RE Bourke's mission is to be an advocate for every patient to receive high-quality dentures with a great experience, and to impart a vision to the whole dental team to deliver life-changing experiences to their patients as well.